Living the Dream

You may or may not have been wondering how Paige feels about the weaning process, because, let’s be honest, Joey is pretty adorable and I’d miss him if he were gone, so how will his real mother cope?





Joey who? This pretty much sums it up.

Paige is in a neighboring town and outside of being momentarily alarmed at her new pasture mates, she settled in and went straight to eating, well, until she got tossed back on the trailer to trail ride on Saturday. Paige is living with K, who is trustworthy and a knowledgeable horse person, which makes me feel great about Paige living with her for a while. Paige is also the easiest horse to take care of, so I don’t feel too much like I’m torturing K by making her spend time with my mare.


New pasture mates have horns.

Paige is also a major treat whore (which surprises no one if you know her at all) and has been given numerous apples since at K’s house. So basically Paige thinks that she’s living her perfect life right now, minus the fact that she’s housed with goats instead of her new love, Cherokee, K’s gelding.


Paige on left, Cherokee on the right. 

They went on the trail ride together on Saturday and Paige was in heat and basically teased the poor guy whenever he was behind her. He seems to think he is a stallion and is pretty fond of the idea of Paige, so whenever she left the fenceline to graze, he would neigh to her and she would run back to him, so they had to be separated further so she’ll keep eating/putting on weight. Wompwomp.


So now she’s neighboring with these two and seems content to graze with her goats and gain weight, which is exactly what she needs. I’m hoping to go out to K’s and ride this week at some point to get things moving towards being more ready for the clinic next weekend. Nothing like a last minute effort, right?


Hopefully between all of the apples and the grass, Paige is putting on weight in preparation for a long day of riding. After Saturday I feel fairly confident that she’ll be okay for the clinic though, in spite of the length of time we’ll be riding. Hopefully there will be lots of sitting around during individual instruction, because 4 straight hours of arena work sounds like a lot.


More apples please!

I’m very grateful that K has let Paige come live with her while Joey is being weaned and for hauling her everywhere between picking her up, the trail ride and the clinic next week. Making friends in your late 20’s isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but I feel great about this new friendship and look forward to new experiences together. 🙂